2017 JAYBA Board of Directors

Chairman - Aaron Wollman
Vice Chairman - Erik Eggleston    
Treasurer - Stephanie Olson 

Secretary - Eric Keifer J

Assistant Secretary - Pat Sullivan J   


2017 JAYBA Coordinators

Apparel/Pictures Coordinator - Joe Setzer

Director of Field Operations - Brian Davison  

J-Hawks Coordinator & Evaluations - Todd Wirtz

Sponsorship  Coordinator - Eric Kiefer

A, AA Boy's Divisions Coordinator - OPEN.  Responsible for determining league structure and communicating information with coaches and families that have players in these leagues.  Will interact with division coordinators with other communities to reach agreements on league shared rules, schedules, etc.   Interprets and responds to any questions about rules as well.  Majority of tasks are performed from February - May.  

T-Ball/Rookies Coordinator - Brian Feltz

Girl's Divisions Coordinators - OPEN

Scheduling Coordinator - Ron Limbach

Concessions and Volunteer Coordinator - Krista & Paul Kuber

Equipment Coordinator - John Sams

Umpire Coordinator - Greg Winn 

Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator - Jennifer Moths